Inova’s Orthopedic Research Team recognized for work in severe extremity trauma

The work of Inova’s Orthopedic Research Team received important recognition from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in 2023.

METRC, including Inova Fairfax, wins the 2023 Kappa Delta Elizabeth Winston Lanier award

Inova team members
Inova Orthopedic Research Team (left to right): Robert Hymes, MD; Mohamed D Ray-Zack, MBBS; Caitlin Quigley, Greg Gaski, MD; Senay Ghidei

This year’s Kappa Delta Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award was given to the Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium (METRC) which includes Inova Fairfax’s orthopedic trauma team. METRC was awarded for its multidisciplinary research platform addressing the challenging issues related to evaluation, treatment, and recovery after severe extremity trauma.

This award recognizes research in musculoskeletal disease or injury with great potential to advance patient care. METRC created a unique model designed to study major injuries in a broad, team-based, multi-institutional fashion. This was done to identify best practices that would have been nearly impossible to study in just one or two trauma centers. 

Inova Fairfax Hospital’s orthopedic trauma team is a significant contributor to many of METRC’s studies. METRC’s coordinating center is located at Johns Hopkins University. It collaborates with more than 80 institutions including the largest and most renowned trauma centers across North America. METRC has sponsored 36 prospective funded studies, enrolled over 23,000 patients and secured over $150 million in funding (the majority through the Department of Defense) since its inception in 2009.

METRC focuses on optimizing care for patients that sustain severe pelvis and extremity trauma. Recent publications and ongoing studies have targeted reducing infection, improving bone healing, accelerating rehabilitation, and decreasing pain after injury.

Inova’s Ortho Trauma Surgery Team wins “highest enroller” award

Inova’s Orthopedic Trauma Surgery Team was presented the award for Highest Enroller (clinical trials) in METRC for 2023. This award goes to the highest enrolling site, which speaks to Inova’s commitment to academic patient care and contribution to better patient outcomes for the good of our patients and all orthopedic trauma patients nationwide.

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