Prevention and quick action: When your child swallows something dangerous

Bharath D. Nath, MD, is a pediatric surgeon at Inova Health System who is board certified in general surgery and pediatric surgery. He specializes in pediatric general and thoracic surgery, treating premature infants to adolescents. Every year, thousands of children are treated in United States emergency rooms (ERs) because they swallowed objects such as a…

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From humble infirmary to high-tech hospital: The 150-year history of Inova Alexandria (Alexandria Times)

historical photo

Did you know a community hospital just outside Washington, DC, had the first 24/7 emergency department in the country? Or that the arrival of a sailor with typhoid fever is what spurred its founding members into action? Learn about the history of Inova Alexandria Hospital in an article in the Alexandria Times, published in honor…

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Dr. Stephen Jones: Prosecuting nurses for honest mistakes won’t make patients safer

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Inova’s president and CEO J. Stephen Jones, MD, MBA, FACS had an op-ed piece published in USA Today following Friday’s sentencing of nurse RaDonda Vaught. (While working as a nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2017, Vaught’s accidental administration of the wrong drug to a patient led to the patient’s death. Vaught was later…

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Aspirin Use: Significant Change in National Guidelines for Taking Aspirin to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke

person with medication tablet on their hand

The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently finalized new guidance advising against daily aspirin use by certain people to prevent a first heart attack or stroke – a reversal of the panel’s 2016 recommendations.    In general, for people 40 to 59 years of age who are at increased risk of developing heart…

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Inova Saville Cancer Screening and Prevention Center Opens in Fairfax


Leading health system introduces the region’s first dedicated cancer screening and prevention center in the Washington, DC metro region Falls Church, VA — The Inova Saville Cancer Screening and Prevention Center officially opens today in Fairfax, Virginia. Located in the pavilion of the Inova Schar Cancer Institute flagship facility at 8081 Innovation Park Drive, this…

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Media Alert: Online Employment Scam

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Inova Health System has been made aware of a malicious employment scam being carried out via online job forums such as LinkedIn and Indeed, where individuals are being targeted and presented with false offers and requests for personal information from an entity posing as an Inova recruiter. We are in the process of working with…

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After a Heart-Lung Transplant, a Mother Gets a Second Chance

Heart lung transplant survivor and family

Tandy was still in her 30s when she started experiencing shortness of breath. She was a runner, but suddenly she couldn’t run more than two minutes without having to stop. Eventually, she was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Despite medical management, her condition deteriorated rapidly. “I had stations set up in the hallway so…

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Inova Targeted COVID Vaccine Hesitancy with Personal Messages from Doctors

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In 2021, COVID-19 vaccines brought hope and the promise of a return to normal life for communities across our region, the nation and the world. Yet vaccine hesitancy functioned as a barrier that prevented some individuals from getting immunized. Lower levels of vaccination have corresponded to increased morbidity and mortality from COVID-19, exacerbating health disparities,…

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