News Policy

It is the policy of Inova to cooperate with the news media to the fullest extent possible, while at the same time protecting our patients’ right to privacy. It is the responsibility of Inova to ensure that any information that is released is done so in a timely, appropriate and accurate fashion.

The Media Relations Team is responsible for communicating with the news media and managing the release of patient information. In cases of public record, a member of the Media Relations Team may release the patient’s one-word condition. Inova does not permit the release of patient names to the news media. In addition, patients have the right to request anonymity.


Interview and Photo Requests

All news media requests for information and interviews must be approved by a member of the Media Relations Team. A spokesperson may be reached anytime by calling 703-776-4001 and providing contact name, news outlet and your request.


Public Relations Contact

A spokesperson may be reached anytime by paging the on-call number, 703-889-2280, and entering ID# 71302. Follow the prompts and then input your return phone number.

Inova Leadership


Patient Information Guidelines

Inova adheres to the guidelines of the American Hospital Association (AHA) with regard to the release of patient information. According to the AHA, there are several appropriate terms that may be used to describe a patient’s condition. They are as follows:

  • Undetermined
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Serious
  • Critical
  • (Please note: “Stable” is not a condition.)


Microwave and Satellite Truck Parking

Inova Fairfax Hospital/Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children:
Road Outside Gray Entrance (not the semi-circular driveway)

Inova Alexandria Hospital:
Howard Street (not on hospital property)

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital:
Parking Lot Outside Medical Office Building II

Inova Loudoun Hospital:
Employee parking near The Birthing Inn

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital:
Parking Lot Outside Engh Conference Center


Referencing Inova

  • When referring to Inova Health System entities, Inova is always written with an initial capital letter only, and never written in all caps.
  • When pronouncing Inova, the “I” is short, such as the word inn. Inova is not pronounced “Eye”-nova.
  • When referring to Inova hospitals, the word Inova always precedes the name for the facility. For instance, Inova Fairfax Hospital should never be referred to as Fairfax Inova Hospital.

Facility Information