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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need a Health Coach

Mike Endress has been in the health and wellness industry for over eleven years and helping others reach their health and wellness goals. He graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Exercise Science and he is also a certified health coach and personal trainer. Mike’s passion for health and wellness not only shines through in his work here at Inova Well, but in his personal life as well. Back in his earlier years, Mike competed as an amateur bodybuilder and his goal is to get back on stage soon. He also enjoys golfing, fishing, sports, and enjoying time with his fiancée, friends, and family.

Often times, when it comes to being “healthy,” a lot of us simply don’t know where to begin or how to stay successful long term. Being healthy often means something different to everyone. Coming up with specific goals related to your health is imperative for leading a healthier life. So where does one begin on their wellness journey? Working with a certified health coach is a great launching pad to improving your two Q’s: the quality and quantity of your life.

3  Reasons Why You Should Work With a Health Coach:

  1. Focus on the big picture: Most individuals get so fixated on one specific area of their health that they completely overlook other important factor(s) that may be prohibiting them from success or their full wellness potential. Your health coach can work with you on effective exercise programming, nutritional guidance and support, sleep and stress management techniques, improving your blood work, referring you to the correct medical professionals, and most importantly, instilling behavior changes needed to achieve optimal health.

  2. Creating SMART Goals: Your health coach can assist you with creating Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based goals (SMART) when it comes to creating the new and improved, healthier you. This effective approach will guide you to success and, most importantly, will give you the specific details you will need to stay successful long term.

  3. Behavior and Lifestyle Modification: Once progress has been made, your coach will help you understand that your goals are now a new way of living. You will improve multiple areas of your health/life, learn how to overcome barriers, become self-sufficient, and carry the tools that you have learned from your health coach to sustain a new active and healthy lifestyle for long term success.

Healthy living is a journey that is different and unique for everyone. In order to find the perfect balance, the key is to analyze each aspect of your life and how it affects your physical and mental well-being. A health coach focuses on constant assessment and adjustment, where small modifications often lead to big results. By incorporating those small changes into your life and remaining open to better solutions, you and your coach will discover the healthiest lifestyle plan that fits you and gets you on the right path. If you lack the support, motivation, knowledge, and accountability in achieving your health related goals, look no further than working with one of the Inova Well Health Coaches!

Inova Well’s purpose is to create a sustained culture of wellness by leveraging our clinical expertise to provide evidence-based solutions for healthy people, healthy community and a healthy planet.
We take a whole-human approach to health and support a personalized journey to individual wellness. Contact to get started your wellness journey, TODAY!

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