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Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries in Kids

Clifton Page, MD, is board-certified in family and sports medicine and a member of the Inova Sports Medicine team. He has a special interest in non-surgical treatment of sports injuries, regenerative medicine and sports injury prevention. It’s always better to prevent sports injuries than to treat them after the fact. To help protect youth athletes,…

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Concussion & Youth Sports: New Research Gives Clues for Keeping Athletes Safe

Melissa Womble, PhD, is a fellowship-trained neuropsychologist specializing in sport concussion management. She is director of the Inova Sports Medicine Comprehensive Concussion Program. In the last several years, the science of concussions has come a long way. We’ve discovered a lot about how to recognize, diagnose and manage these serious injuries — but of course,…

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Concussions and Anxiety: What’s the Connection?

R.J. Elbin, PhD, is a research analyst with the Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program. He is also the director of the Office for Sport Concussion Research in the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation at the University of Arkansas. Concussions can cause all sorts of symptoms: Physical problems like headaches and nausea. Cognitive problems that affect…

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2019 Inova Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Summit

Fairfax, VA- May, 17, 2019– The Inova Sports Medicine Department held its 3rd Annual Sports Medicine Summit at the Inova Center for Personalized Health (ICPH). This conference, hosted by Dr. Robin West and Dr. Edward Chang, placed an emphasis on, “Emerging Techniques in Sports Medicine Surgery and Rehabilitation.” Experts from around the country shared their…

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Sports Injury Recovery: When Can You Return to Play?

How soon can I get back in the game? It’s the question on every injured athlete’s mind. The answer: It depends. Physical therapists can help speed the process — and let you know when it’s safe to lace up again. Physical Therapy Timeline Physical therapy is usually part of the treatment process for sports injuries,…

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