Inova Personalized Health Accelerator Invests in New AI-Powered Platform to Predict Physical Therapy Progress

Funding and Pilot Program to Validate Algorithms to Improve Patient Outcomes

Falls Church, VA — The Inova Personalized Health Accelerator (IPHA) announced today it has invested in a new platform that improves tracking of patients’ physical therapy (PT) progress by providing more accurate, transparent information to providers, patients and payors.  Developed by Maryland-based KinometriX, the proprietary KX1 platform uses a single sensor that integrates seamlessly into therapists’ workflow to collect and transmit data quantifying factors such as strength, range of motion, speed, and neuromuscular control.

Moving beyond patients’ self-reporting, the KX1 system uses an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to measure joint functional motions and document the healing progress. Research has confirmed IMUs provide more precise indicators of rehabilitation progress than patient surveys. Therapists can use the empirical data to show improvement while making objective treatment decisions.

“Rehabilitation is a long process. Improvements can be subtle, and research suggests that patients who see tangible progress may be more inclined to keep their appointments,” said Sam Jazzo, KinometriX CEO. “By making progress more efficiently measurable and easy to see, our platform benefits patients and therapists alike.”

IPHA will provide the first institutional investment for the KX1 system, and the Inova Loudoun campus is currently conducting a pilot program. “Data gathered from the extremely diverse patient population at Inova Loudoun will help to inform the system’s algorithms,” said Monika Stolze, DPT, Program Manager for Adult Therapy Services at Inova Loudoun’s Outpatient Specialty Rehabilitation Center. “We’re also collecting clinician feedback, which has already played a big role in shaping the platform.”

“We’re excited for the potential to measure and then predict treatment progress and maximize patient adherence to clinicians’ therapy plans,” said Mike Thomas, IPHA Director. “By providing unparalleled quantities of patient data for algorithm refinement and validation, Inova Loudoun will catapult KinometriX into an industry leadership position.”


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