Injury Prevention with Dr. Seth Blee: Oblique Strains

Seth Blee, PT, DPT, CFMT, CSCS is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Director, Physical Therapy at Inova Sports Medicine Institute. He is the Physical Therapist for the Washington Nationals. Oblique strains Oblique muscle strains are one of the most common baseball injuries that do not involve the shoulder or elbow.  They are also common…

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Women With Pelvic Floor Disorder Are Not Alone

Pelvic Floor

Treatment is available Ladies, do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh? Do you frequently have the urge to go to the bathroom? You’re not alone. About half of women over age 50 have this condition. And it’s got a name: pelvic floor disorder. Pelvic floor disorder describes a number of conditions that…

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Inova Personalized Health Accelerator Invests in New AI-Powered Platform to Predict Physical Therapy Progress

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Funding and Pilot Program to Validate Algorithms to Improve Patient Outcomes Falls Church, VA — The Inova Personalized Health Accelerator (IPHA) announced today it has invested in a new platform that improves tracking of patients’ physical therapy (PT) progress by providing more accurate, transparent information to providers, patients and payors.  Developed by Maryland-based KinometriX, the proprietary…

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Outpatient rehab services at Inova Mount Vernon help patients restore motor function and achieve independence

Rebuilding Meaningful Lives The award-winning Inova Rehabilitation Center (IRC) is a service that sets Inova Mount Vernon Hospital apart: We are home to one of the DC area’s largest and most experienced rehabilitation teams. The Inova Rehab Center at Inova Mount Vernon offers the community a wide range of outpatient rehabilitation services specially created to…

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ACL Injuries: Let’s Get Serious About Prevention (Dr. Robin West)

Dr. Robin West

Robin West, MD is the Director of Sports Medicine at Inova. Dr. West will be blogging on current topics and best practices in sports injury prevention and treatment. ============================  Prevention Training is an important and cost-effective measure to help reduce the financial and physical costs experienced by athletes with ACL injuries. An ACL injury is one of…

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