Got arthritis or joint injury? Inova Mount Vernon has two new docs, and ankle replacement too

“Joint” Endeavor is a Winning Combination

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital now serving Northern Virginia joint replacement patients even better, adding two highly respected physicians and new ankle replacement specialty

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Dr. Craig McAsey (left) and Dr. Oliver Schipper have joined Inova Mount Vernon Hospital’s team of joint replacement experts.

The Inova Mount Vernon Hospital Joint Replacement Center welcomes two new surgeons to its team of orthopedic specialists: Oliver Schipper, MD, who specializes in foot and ankle replacement surgery, and Craig McAsey, MD, whose specialty is hips and knees. Both surgeons offer the latest minimally invasive surgical options, helping patients enjoy a smooth recovery and the opportunity to return to the activities they enjoy.

A nationally accredited program, the Inova Joint Replacement Center at IMVH is the most robust program of its kind in Northern Virginia, performing nearly 2,000 joint replacements annually. The program has received a Gold Seal of Approval™ by The Joint Commission for outstanding patient care and superior outcomes.

Oliver Schipper, MD – Foot & ankle specialist

Dr. Schipper is the Director of the new IMVH Total Ankle Replacement Program. He is an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist with a keen interest in ankle replacement surgery and the treatment of ankle arthritis. Dr. Schipper likes to return people to the activities they enjoy. “Listening to each individual patient is critical to determining how best to address their problem,” Dr. Schipper says.

Dr. Schipper completed medical school at the Georgetown University School of Medicine and attended the University of Chicago for his orthopedic surgery residency. He completed his orthopedic foot and ankle surgery fellowship training at the OrthoCarolina Foot & Ankle Institute.

Dr. Schipper is excited about what the future holds for IMVH as a center of excellence in foot and ankle replacement surgery. “I am eager to be part of a nationally recognized team of physicians, nurses and support staff here and grateful for the opportunity to build a world-class center at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital,” he says.

Craig McAsey, MD – hip & knee surgery expert

Specializing in hip and knee surgery, Dr. McAsey earned his medical degree at Loyola University Chicago where he also completed his residency. He completed his fellowship training in adult reconstruction at Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic in Virginia. Dr. McAsey is excited to join the renowned orthopedics team at IMVH. His favorite part about being an orthopedic surgeon is having the opportunity to help his patients gain freedom of mobility and overcome joint pain.

“It’s always very satisfying having a patient come back and tell me how their life has changed for the better after either a hip replacement or a knee replacement,” says Dr. McAsey.

Dr. McAsey is pleased to join the distinguished Joint Replacement Center team at IMVH and to further the center’s rich legacy. “This is a phenomenal operation, filled with great people from top to bottom,” he notes. “I am honored to be part of the program and to contribute to a world-class joint replacement program.”

Knee Replacement Patient Story: Gone Fishing

Robert Sorrells can’t wait to get his fishing tackle and head to the nearest lake with his grandsons. Having had two knees replaced this past fall, the 64-year-old businessman is raring to get back to an active lifestyle.

“My knees had been bothering me for a long time. I had physical therapy, cortisone shots and even foam injected into my knee, but the pain was just constant,” says Robert.

To qualify for surgery, Robert lost 70 pounds. Then he met with Craig McAsey, MD, who reassured him that he could fix his knees by replacing the joint that had been damaged by osteoarthritis. “That was the luckiest day in my life, meeting that man,” says Robert. “And the hospital, it was a triple-A experience from the time I checked in to the time I walked out.”

Robert was up and walking the day of surgery and started physical therapy, first at home for two weeks, then at a nearby center. Within two-and-a-half weeks, the pain in his knee had completely resolved, and he was able to move his leg freely.

“You couldn’t ask for a more motivated patient,” says Dr. McAsey. “When Mr. Sorrells returned for his first follow-up visit, he was really anxious to have a second knee done. He was so happy when he saw how functional he was able to be.  It is so fulfilling to be able to make a difference like that.”

Ankle Surgery Patient Story: Stepping Out

Victoria Jourdan was visiting her boyfriend in September when she slipped and fell off a curb in a rainstorm. The 24-year-old student/pharmacy technician was rushed to the emergency room (ER) where doctors took X-rays and reset her ankle, which was dislocated and fractured in multiple places. The ER staff told her to see an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible.

“Dr. Schipper was able to see me right away, which was awesome,” says Victoria of Oliver Schipper, MD, Director of the new IMVH Total Ankle Replacement Program. “He was able to reassure me that everything was going to be OK and he made sure to answer all of my questions.”

Dr. Schipper told Victoria that her ankle required surgery. Following the procedure, her recovery was swift. For the first week, Victoria kept her ankle elevated and used crutches to get around, and at her six-week post-op visit, Dr. Schipper gave her the green light to bear weight on her ankle. Now, she is ready to get back to school and work.

“I’ve done really well,” Victoria says. “Dr. Schipper said it looks completely healed. I look forward to going back to work, and I am very excited to get back to my classes. Dr. Schipper is the best.”


Healthy Ankles: Inova Mount Vernon offers full range of treatment options

The ankle is more prone to injury than any other joint because it assumes the most weight when we walk and the cartilage is thin compared with other joints in the body.

To help patients with a wide variety of ankle problems, from osteoarthritis to traumatic injury, the Inova Mount Vernon Hospital Joint Replacement Center provides non-surgical treatments including orthotics, bracing, physical therapy, medications, steroid injections and activity modification. If pain persists, expert foot and ankle surgeons provide a variety of treatment options including minimally invasive arthroscopy, ankle fusion and total ankle replacement.

Return to Active Living with Rehab

To learn more about the outpatient rehabilitation services of Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, call 703-664-7190, or visit the Inova Rehabilitation Center website.

Joint Replacement at Inova Mount Vernon

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