A New Care Option for Women

Inova Medical Group, in association with Inova Alexandria Hospital, recently opened a newly constructed OB-GYN/primary care office in Shirlington. The new office is located in Shirlington Gateway at 2800 S. Shirlington Road, Suite 706, Arlington. The practice focuses on comprehensive patient services for women.

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“We have the ability to do a lot of things in one place and make it easy for patients,” says Hillary Robinowitz-Elins, MD.

As an example of the office’s versatility, if a patient has a gynecologic issue and it’s found during the exam that she also has high blood pressure,  she can be treated for both issues in the same office. This new office offers full-service OB-GYN care in addition to full-service internal medicine.

“We are working in conjunction with our internal medicine doctor here to really provide care focused on women, by women,” says Kathryn Maloy, MD.

Drs. Robinowitz-Elins and Maloy currently make up the office’s OB-GYN team, and provide high-quality care in a personalized environment. Because the office is small, patients develop close personal relationships with the doctors, and receive carefully considered, individualized treatment plans.

“Being physically close to each other allows for a lot of shared knowledge,” says Dr. Robinowitz-Elins. “We’re able to work together and that can expedite the patient’s treatment.”

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Call the office at 571-777-2420 to schedule an OB-GYN or primary care appointment.

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