Inova Oncology: Bridging hope and innovation

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a profound and life-altering event that necessitates access to the best possible care. At Inova Schar Cancer, we recognize the critical importance of striking a balance between clinical expertise and a patient-centric approach. Our unwavering commitment to providing world-class cancer care has garnered consistent recognition in various areas, including colon cancer surgery, leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma treatments, lung cancer surgery, ovarian cancer surgery, and prostate cancer surgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

One of the unique strengths of Inova Schar Cancer lies in its multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. Our center brings together a diverse team of experts, including oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and support staff. This collaborative effort ensures that each patient’s unique needs are comprehensively addressed, with personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific circumstances.

For instance, our Molecular Tumor Board, comprised of leading experts in cancer therapies, regularly convenes to evaluate patient cases, focusing on tumor genes and cellular function. This collaborative model enables the brightest minds in cancer care to work together, creating personalized treatment plans for each patient.

Inova Schar Cancer is at the forefront of cancer treatment, offering leading-edge therapies that provide renewed hope. Our center boasts over 160 clinical trials related to oncology, providing patients access to the newest cancer medications before they become widely available. Additionally, we offer advanced treatments such as proton therapy, and soon will be offering bone marrow transplants, and cellular and CAR-T therapy.

Coping with cancer can be an emotionally challenging journey for patients and their families. Inova Schar Cancer addresses these vital needs through the Inova Life with Cancer™ program. This holistic program offers evidence-based support services, including complementary medicine, family support, mental health care, nurse navigators, nutrition and exercise guidance, support groups, and a survivorship program.

Creating an environment that promotes healing is also a priority at Inova Schar Cancer. Thanks to generous donors, our facilities display beautiful artwork, and patients in our infusion centers enjoy live music, making the cancer care experience feel more comforting and akin to home.

Inova Schar Cancer is not only dedicated to treatment but also emphasizes screening and prevention. The Inova Saville Cancer Screening and Prevention Center, one of the few in the nation exclusively focused on prevention and early detection, offers comprehensive screening, risk assessment, and prevention measures for various cancers.

We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to discovering new tests and therapies that will continue to positively impact the lives of our patients. Inova Schar Cancer is committed to delivering the highest quality cancer care, from prevention to survivorship. To schedule an appointment, call 571-472-4724 or request an appointment online. Learn how Inova Schar Cancer gives patients unmatched logistical, clinical and emotional support

Inova Schar Cancer: Recognized excellence in comprehensive cancer care

Inova Schar Cancer is honored to receive consistent recognition for excellence in cancer care. Acknowledgments in colon cancer surgery at Inova Fairfax and Inova Fair Oaks hospitals, along with expertise in leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer surgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital, underscore our commitment to exceptional patient outcomes. We are proud recipients of Patient Choice Awards by WebMD®, reflecting our dedication to outstanding patient care, and have been recognized by Newsweek and Becker’s Hospital Review, reinforcing our position as a premier cancer treatment center. These accolades highlight our unwavering commitment to balancing clinical expertise with a patient-centric approach.

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