How the Team at the Inova Cares Clinic for Families Works Together to Provide Comprehensive Care

Internal Medicine physician Dr. Chad Zik, MD; physician assistant Fella Ezzekmi-Aksouh, PA; social worker Meron Louissaint, LCSW; and RN Case Manager Kellie McKinney, RN, are part of the Inova Cares Clinic for Families care team.

The Inova Cares Clinic for Families (ICCF) helps people with little or no health insurance access quality healthcare. The members of our team work seamlessly together to bring holistic care to our community.

ICCF Offers Whole-Person, Lifesaving Care for Individuals and Families throughout Virginia

Our team treats people of all ages, from children through adults. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to care for entire families. Most of the people who come into the clinic have not had a doctor’s appointment in years. Some have never seen a doctor.

Communication with our patients is important to us. Many of our team members speak multiple languages, allowing us to speak directly with people from many backgrounds. If we don’t speak your language, we use the help of a translator who makes sure we understand your concerns and you understand your treatment plan.

The ICCF Team Provides Comprehensive Care to Underinsured or Uninsured Patients

Because our patients often have not received healthcare in a long time, we do a thorough evaluation to ensure we meet their needs, health-wise and beyond. Some people come to us for check-ups for themselves or their children, while others have acute illnesses that need immediate treatment.

We understand that getting to ICCF may be time-consuming or require time off from work. When possible we work to schedule multiple appointments in one visit.

Every ICCF location has a care team consisting of:

  • Physicians (doctors), nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs)
  • Registered nurse case managers
  • Social workers
  • Community resource workers

The Care Journey at ICCF Begins with Healthcare Providers

Primary medical care at ICCF is provided by physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. They do exams, make medical diagnoses and come up with treatment plans.

For example, if we see someone we suspect may have diabetes, the doctor, NP or PA does a physical exam and blood tests to make a diagnosis. Then we’ll work with that person to create a treatment plan consisting of lifestyle changes, medications, and/or regular blood sugar checks.

Registered Nurse Case Managers Coordinate Care and Educate Patients

After discussing a treatment plan, our patient sees the Registered Nurse (RN) case manager. RN case managers help patients with:

  • Care coordination: RN case managers connect patients with specialists within the Inova Health System or beyond.
  • Patient education and training: The nurses have one-on-one meetings with patients to offer health counseling or teach them how to manage their diagnosis. They may teach patients with high cholesterol how to make lifestyle changes, such as increasing activity and making healthier eating choices. Or they may teach patients with high blood pressure deep breathing techniques to lower stress.
  • Medication education: Case managers teach patients how to safely take and manage their medications.

In our example, the RN case manager teaches our patient with diabetes how to check their blood sugar levels and how to take their prescribed medications. The RN case manager may also make an appointment with a registered dietician who can help create a diabetes-friendly eating plan.

Social Workers Assist Patients Through Behavioral Health

Our patient next meets with the ICCF social worker, who can assist with any non-medical needs that may get in the way of good health. Our social workers assist people with access to:

  • On-site behavioral health counseling
  • Referrals for additional rehabilitation services, therapy or counseling they may need outside of ICCF
  • Discounted or free medications
  • Financial aid for screening tests or to see specialists outside ICCF
  • Employment assistance

Community Resource Workers Extend ICCF’s Support

At ICCF we understand that sometimes life circumstances get in the way of taking care of your health. That’s where our community health workers come in. They’re experts in all of the programs and assistance available to members of our community. They know where help is and how to get it.

Community health workers help with:

  • Providing healthy food, clothing or other necessities for families
  • Paying for rent or utilities
  • Accessing transportation to get to healthcare appointments or work

Learn more about Inova Cares Clinic for Families and find a location near you.

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