Q & A with John Barbour, MD, FACS, Medical Director of the Peripheral Nerve Center at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

Peripheral nerve injuries

Peripheral nerve injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve compressions.

The peripheral nervous system is the system of nerves outside of our brain and spinal cord, the nerves that help our brain communicate with the rest of our body. While we specialize in treating the most complex peripheral nerve conditions and hand injuries, we often treat more common conditions as well. We frequently treat chronic peripheral nerve injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve compressions, thoracic outlet syndrome (neurogenic), brachial plexus injuries and neuromas. We also treat conditions of the hand, including trigger fingers, fractures, tendon injuries, scleroderma and Raynaud’s phenomenon.

You should consider seeking treatment if you have been diagnosed with any of the above conditions; have tried several treatments for your nerve or hand pain with no relief; if you have chronic pain, numbness or burning following a surgery or trauma; or if your primary or specialist physician has recommended you see a peripheral nerve or hand specialist.

You’ve Got Some Nerve!

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