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A Guide to Child Passenger Safety

closeup of a seat belt being buckled

Car seat, booster seat and seatbelt tips for kids of all ages Dr. B. Jill McCabe and Erin Rovelli, RN serve patients at the Children’s Emergency Room at Inova Loudoun Hospital – Loudoun County’s only emergency facility solely dedicated to caring for children and adolescents. It is also the first and only sensory-friendly ER in the region. …

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Crucial Help for Victims of Sexual Assault   

The FACT program helps sexual assault victims.

Philanthropy drives pivotal FACT program at Inova When a person has been a victim of physical and sexual assault, they are at their most vulnerable. They may struggle with being able to inform others or share details of their story, much less offer forensic evidence of the crime. Thankfully, the Inova Ewing Forensic Assessment and…

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Thanks to Rehab, Neurology Patient Achieves Personal Goal

Chuck Gagnon with his daughter on her wedding day

Chuck Gagnon asks his daughter on her wedding day, may I have this dance? It started small for Chuck Gagnon — a couple of bad days marked by a sort of physical clumsiness combined with trouble thinking straight. “I felt like I had lead feet and my thoughts were a bit confused,” says Chuck, 66,…

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Comprehensive trauma care: Neurosurgeon enjoys all aspects of work with patients

Nilesh Vyas, MD, Associate Chair for Neurosurgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital (IFH), fully appreciates the efforts made nationally by leaders in medical trauma services.   “We’ve made improvements by raising awareness and using various mechanisms,” he says, citing the advent of National Trauma Awareness Month in May. “In the ’80s cars got safer. In the…

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Recovering from trauma is possible

Shira Rothberg, LSW, coordinates the Trauma Survivors Network and provides counseling for trauma patients at Inova Trauma Center on Inova Fairfax Medical Campus.   When it comes to surviving and healing from trauma, Shira Rothberg, LSW, understands the value that support provides. As Coordinator of the Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) at Inova, Rothberg provides counseling…

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Reducing trauma’s impact: Surgeon Dr. Michetti focuses on prevention

Christopher Michetti, MD, who specializes in trauma surgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital (IFH), approaches life differently compared to earlier in his career.   “Now that I have a family, it hits home that my patients are just like me, in the sense that nobody plans a traumatic event,” says Dr. Michetti, who graduated from medical…

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Stroke victim rescued: 3-year-old saves father’s life via FaceTime

video still of a mom talking to her young daughter

Thank you to David Culver and the team at NBC Washington for sharing this amazing story. Using her father’s smartphone, 3-year old Molly McCabe was able to call her mother at work to report that her father seemed sick. By showing her mother where Daddy was on Facetime, mom was able to ascertain that her…

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All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs): Get the facts about safety

Jordan Tyczka, MSN, RN, CEN is the Trauma Services Educator at Inova Loudoun Hospital. Inova Loudoun Hospital is a designated Level III Trauma Center – Loudoun County’s first and only trauma center. With the spring and summer months just on the horizon, we find ourselves turning to the great outdoors. A popular activity is driving…

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