Statement from J. Stephen Jones, MD, President and CEO, Inova, Regarding Washington Redskins

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Falls Church, VA – Inova is a sponsoring partner with the Washington Redskins. This morning, the Washington Redskins announced that they are undertaking a comprehensive review of the team’s name.  J. Stephen Jones, MD, FACS, President and CEO, Inova Health System, issued the following statement regarding this review: “Inclusion and belonging are integral to the…

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Ryan Zimmerman’s “Pros for Heroes” Fund Helps Healthcare Workers

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Ryan Zimmerman of the World Series champion Washington Nationals was featured on NBC’s Today Show on Friday, April 17 to discuss his recently founded Pros for Heroes Relief Fund, which supports front-line healthcare workers and their families. The fund has already donated gifts of meals and financial resources to purchase Personal Protective Equipment for team…

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7 Ways to Prevent the Most Common Exercise Injuries

Work up a sweat safely with these expert-backed tips Perhaps, like millions of Americans, you set a New Year’s resolution to exercise more often. Kudos! You are taking a step in the right direction toward having a healthier lifestyle. But before diving into a new exercise regimen, it is essential to be prepared to prevent…

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8 Tips for Winter Running

Maintain your running schedule during the coldest months of the year with these safety tips Running outdoors in the winter tends to raise injury risk due to the occasional icy patch or snowy stretch in Northern Virginia. Whether you’re running just to keep in shape or preparing for an upcoming race in the spring, with…

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