Smoking Cessation: 5 Tips to Help You Quit for Good

Quit Smoking for Good

Christian Machado, MD is a board-certified primary care physician practicing family medicine at Inova Medical Group – Annandale. He loves working with patients to understand what motivates them so he can help them work toward healthier lifestyle choices. Wanting to stop smoking is easy—approximately 68% of adult smokers say they want to quit. Around half of…

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Common Questions About “Getting Back to Normal” After COVID

Veena Chawla, MD, is a primary care physician board-certified in family medicine practicing at Inova Primary Care – Shirlington. She believes in preventive healthcare and specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions in teens and adults. Businesses and schools may be open, but “getting back to normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t an…

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Answering Parents’ Questions About Childhood Vaccines

Emily R. Faltemier, MD, is board-certified in family medicine and specializes in pediatrics, women’s health and primary care for adults. Dr. Faltemier sees patients at Family Medicine of Clifton/Centreville. The Internet is full of misleading or downright false information about vaccines. Parents want to do what’s best for their children, but they get conflicting messages.…

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Can You Help Save a Life?

different people's hands making a heart

Inova Blood Donor Services has an immediate need for blood donations from local donors to recover the blood supply for our community. Current blood supply levels are critically low, not just in Northern Virginia and the DC area, but across the country as well. Our supply can only be replenished with donations from volunteer blood…

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High Blood Pressure Guidelines: Take Control to Protect Your Heart

Afrooz Ardestani, MD, is a specialty care cardiologist board-certified in cardiovascular disease, nuclear cardiology, adult comprehensive echocardiography and internal medicine. High blood pressure is very common. Nearly half of adults in the U.S. have blood pressure above the healthy range. But just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s no big deal. Untreated, high blood pressure…

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Summer is Here and the Need for Blood Donors is Critical

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Falls Church, VA – Summer has always been a challenging time for the community’s blood supply, due to high school summer holidays and family vacations—this year, COVID-19 has presented us with a new set of challenges.  As the restrictions are cautiously lifted, and elective surgeries have successfully restarted at Inova, the blood supply has been…

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