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Fever Phobia: When To Worry About Your Child’s Temperature

Board-certified pediatric emergency physician Eugenie Charles, MD, and Erin Rovelli, RN, serve patients at the Children’s Emergency Room at Inova Loudoun Hospital – Loudoun County’s only emergency facility solely dedicated to caring for children and adolescents. Fevers are practically a universal rite of childhood. Fortunately, fever is not as dangerous as many parents fear. As…

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Welcome Winter: 8 Ways For Older Adults to Stay Safe & Healthy This Season

Erica N. Campbell, MD is a board certified family physician with fellowship training in geriatric medicine. She sees patients at Inova Primary Care – Mark Center and Inova Primary Care – Old Town (both in Alexandria, VA). Dr. Campbell’s clinical interests include senior medicine, senior mental health disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and preventive disease care. The…

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Q&A With Loring Flint, MD

Loring Flint, MD

Inova’s Chief Physician Executive and High Reliability Officer sets the bar high As the Chief Physician Executive and High Reliability Officer, Loring Flint, MD, is tasked with setting top priorities and ensuring quality, safety and effective results create a positive patient experience. In 2018, his role shifted from Chief Medical Officer to Chief Physician Executive…

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HPV Vaccine – What’s New?

mother and daughter looking across the water

Dr. Kenneth Lin is a board certified internist at Inova General Internal Medicine Group – Ballston. He has 21 years of clinical experience and special interests in preventive medicine, nutrition, and dermatologic procedures. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection and a well-recognized cause of cervical cancer, genital warts, and oral cancers.…

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Sleep Better: A Whole-Body Approach to Superior Slumber

 Rosemarie Rose, MD, is a consulting and primary care physician at Inova Integrative and Functional Medicine. She is board-certified in family medicine and integrative medicine.   Good sleep isn’t a luxury. In my field of functional and integrative medicine, we think of sleep as one of the pillars of well-being. Instead of looking at isolated…

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All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs): Get the facts about safety

Jordan Tyczka, MSN, RN, CEN is the Trauma Services Educator at Inova Loudoun Hospital. Inova Loudoun Hospital is a designated Level III Trauma Center – Loudoun County’s first and only trauma center. With the spring and summer months just on the horizon, we find ourselves turning to the great outdoors. A popular activity is driving…

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Celebrating Immunization’s Unsung Hero: Dr. Maurice Hilleman

Rebecca Levorson, MD, is board-certified in pediatric infectious disease and pediatrics. She is a pediatric physician with Pediatric Specialists of Virginia and Inova Children’s Hospital. When we think of America’s immunization pioneers, whose names spring to mind? Salk and Sabin, certainly…but how many have ever heard of Hilleman? Dr. Maurice Hilleman may not be a…

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No Excuses: Here’s Why You Should See Your Primary Care Doctor Every Year

Danny Nguyen, MD, is a primary care physician board certified in family medicine. He practices at Inova Medical Group’s primary care practice at the Inova HealthPlex in Ashburn, VA.   If you haven’t been to see your primary care doctor for a while, you’re not alone. Before I went to medical school, even I was sometimes lax…

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