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Comprehensive trauma care: Neurosurgeon enjoys all aspects of work with patients

Nilesh Vyas, MD, Associate Chair for Neurosurgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital (IFH), fully appreciates the efforts made nationally by leaders in medical trauma services.   “We’ve made improvements by raising awareness and using various mechanisms,” he says, citing the advent of National Trauma Awareness Month in May. “In the ’80s cars got safer. In the…

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Fairfax athlete overcomes severe injury with help from Inova Fair Oaks spine doctors

Personal Best Inova’s neurosurgery and spine experts keep a talented athlete with spinal-cord injury on the move Last year, Leigh Neary achieved an impressive feat: She finished her division’s 2017 International Distance Lake Anna Triathlon. Her joy and pride – as well as the applause she received – were especially powerful considering a trauma she experienced…

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Parkinson’s patient shows inspiring improvement with Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) treatment

Parkinson's patient holding a football

Regaining Control Deep brain stimulation (DBS) procedure provides new hope by keeping Parkinson’s symptoms in check For Bachir Flih (pronounced “Flee”), the symptoms happened out of the blue: a tremor in his right index finger accompanied by fatigue that lasted throughout the day. With a busy job as the dining service manager for a retirement…

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New Neurosurgeon Joins Inova Alexandria Hospital: Dr. James Leiphart serves as Director of Epilepsy Surgery and Co-Director of Epilepsy Services

(October 2, 2013) Neurosurgeon James Leiphart, MD, PhD, FACS, FAANS, has joined Inova Alexandria Hospital as the Director of Epilepsy Surgery and Co-Director of Epilepsy Services, as part of Inova Neuroscience Institute. Board-certified in neurological surgery, Dr. Leiphart has nine years of surgical and clinical experience. He has a special interest in management of epilepsy…

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Raining Bullets

Traumatic brain injury in times of war, patriotism and sports (June 5, 2012) By Michelle Rabell The thundering of gunfire jolts neurosurgeon Dr. James Ecklund from the shower at his military base in Baghdad. It is a sure sign of an attack. Rushing outside, he sees tracers and small explosions of gunfire lighting the night…

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