New Neurosurgeon Joins Inova Alexandria Hospital: Dr. James Leiphart serves as Director of Epilepsy Surgery and Co-Director of Epilepsy Services

Dr. James Leiphart (October 2, 2013) Neurosurgeon James Leiphart, MD, PhD, FACS, FAANS, has joined Inova Alexandria Hospital as the Director of Epilepsy Surgery and Co-Director of Epilepsy Services, as part of Inova Neuroscience Institute.

Board-certified in neurological surgery, Dr. Leiphart has nine years of surgical and clinical experience. He has a special interest in management of epilepsy and complex pain syndrome, in addition to general neurosurgery, including intracranial hemorrhages, tumor resections and spine surgery. He also has an interest in deep-brain stimulation for movement disorder patients. He will be an integral part of the stroke team.

The hospital’s infrastructure has been enhanced to support Dr. Leiphart and neurosurgical service. It will include full-time physician assistant support, operating room equipment upgrades to support the full neurosurgery program, additional training for the Intensive Care Unit and Neurovascular Care Unit nursing staff, and EEG machines with video capabilities. Coming soon will be continuous Epilepsy Monitoring Units.

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  1. Wendy Shalita on November 4, 2013 at 10:49 am

    Will Dr. Leiphart also be able to do fluroscopic neck and lumbar injections as well as surgery?

    • InovaNewsroom on November 22, 2013 at 9:52 am

      To learn more about procedures he provides please contact Dr. James Leiphart’s office at 703-970-2670.

  2. John on June 9, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Dr. Leiphart:

    Ten years ago tonight, you came into the operating room at George Washington University Hospital and saw me on the table- unconscious, virtually paralyzed, and with a bilateral sub-dural hematoma slowly destroying my brain. Following the surgery you performed, I was able to awaken a few hours later and to realize how the life I had been convinced was ending, now had a new beginning.

    Every day since then, I have been grateful for what you did that night and the tremendous opportunity I was granted. While there is no reason for you to remember me, I can never forget you. The words “thank you” can only begin to express my heartfelt gratitude. I wish you only the best.


  3. Dana on April 12, 2018 at 11:25 am

    Dr. Leiphart-

    For years I was suffering from crucial back/lower abdominal pain. The pain I was experiencing led me to believe that I was having female issues…FALSE, as the years progressed, the pain was still there and other symptoms occurred, numbness, leg pain, lost of balance when trying to walk; I felt that I was at the end of my Life..I made an appointment at GW Hospital for November 12, 2009, during the exam, I was told “I need to be admitted”, I had no feeling, what so ever from my ribs down. After being admitted, I believe I met Dr. Leiphart the next day..I was put on steroids until time for surgery. Surgery was estimated at 8 hours and lasted 12 hours, I believe. The scare that I wear on my back that is 15″ long, i often feel, and think of Dr. Leiphart, neat cut.
    I am so grateful to have met an amazing doctor, everyday I think and thank GOD for great people like Dr. Leiphart. Before surgery that day, i asked Dr. Leiphart, will i be able to wear my heels again, because i have some really cute heels, Well here i am 8 yrs later and yes i am wearing my heels, i cant stay in them long but i try.
    I laid in ICU for 1week, i had to learn how to walk and i also have to self catheter myself for the rest of my life, again, i am thanking the GREATEST that i am still here to see my love ones, especially my kids.

    May god continue to bless you and your family!!


  4. Dennis on July 23, 2018 at 9:36 am

    Dr Leiphart is a great doctor, I had two cervical spine surgeries and both of them were successful, for years no complications, I would like to thank him and his staff for being such a God given Blessing

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