Inova Alexandria Hospital Offers State-of-the-Art Surgical Table for Hip Replacement

Alexandria, VA – June 16, 2016 – Inova Alexandria Hospital now offers an exciting new option in surgical technology for total hip replacement patients: The Hana® Surgery Table – the only surgical table designed exclusively for hip and knee replacement.

With its unique capability to position the leg, the Hana table enables orthopedic surgeons to replace the hip through a single incision, without detachment of muscle from the pelvis or femur (thighbone). The table allows for safe hyperextension, as well as internal and external rotation of the leg for optimum placement and positioning of the prosthesis – an option not possible with conventional tables. Because the lateral and posterior soft tissues are untouched, the hip is stable immediately after surgery and recovery time is greatly reduced.

Orthopedic surgeons at Inova Alexandria Hospital use the table to perform one of the most innovative hip replacement techniques: direct anterior total hip replacement. In this procedure, the surgeon reaches the hip joint from the front instead of the back or side. Muscles are split, rather than removed and reattached, which leaves those most important for hip function—the gluteus muscles that attach to the pelvis and femur—undisturbed. The anterior approach is potentially less traumatic for patients, leg length may be more accurately controlled and the risk of dislocation may be reduced.

Direct anterior total hip replacement offers all of the benefits of minimally invasive surgery, including smaller incisions, less tissue damage and bleeding, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and earlier return to work and activities. Patients can put weight on the hip immediately for a faster, more pain-free recovery.

“The Hana table and direct anterior total hip replacement are examples of Inova Alexandria Hospital’s ongoing commitment to advance and improve care for our joint replacement patients,” said orthopedic surgeon Nigel Azer, MD. “These new technologies, coupled with our recent recertification in hip and knee replacement by The Joint Commission, highlight our position as a leader in joint replacement surgery in the Washington region.”

Many patients with advanced hip arthritis are considered good candidates for direct anterior total hip replacement. However, as Dr. Azer notes, there are several appropriate and successful surgical approaches for hip replacement, with risks and benefits to each. It is important that each patient is carefully screened by an orthopedic surgeon to determine the most appropriate procedure for the individual.

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