Dr. Stephen Jones: It’s time for us to step up for healthcare workers

Dr. J. Stephen Jones
J. Stephen Jones, MD, is President and CEO of Inova Health System

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has published an op-ed piece by Inova President and CEO J. Stephen Jones, MD, MBA, FACS, that articulates the issue of increasing physical and emotional violence directed at healthcare workers.

Jones describes several recent incidents at Inova, including a nurse being told by a patient that the patient only wanted to “be cared for by white nurses” and a different patient saying that an Inova team member should “Go back to your country.”

Jones states that these real experiences “are part of a disappointing and disturbing trend” that is not unique to Inova.

“If this continues,” says Jones, “who will be left to take care of us all?”

The piece also discusses the recent criminal conviction of Tennessee nurse RaDonda Vaught, whose mistake cost a patient her life. Jones argues that the threat of a criminal charge for a mistake made in the line of duty “sends a chilling message to those of us who care for patients” and will make it more difficult for healthcare workers to do their jobs because it puts their psychological safety at risk.

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J. Stephen Jones column: Health care workers fought for us during the pandemic. Now it’s time to step up for them.