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Inova explores benefits of medical music therapy program

Music therapy has the power to improve our physical and psychological health. This is the basis for the partnership between A Place to Be and a special music therapy program offered at Inova Loudoun Hospital, Inova Fair Oaks Hospital (IFOH) and Inova Fairfax Medical Campus.

“We’re not just playing music to make patients happy. We choose our music carefully — using it as a clinical tool to help meet a patient’s individual physiological or psychological needs,” explains Raymond Leone, MMT, MT-BC, music therapist and Director of Medical Music Therapy at A Place to Be.

Julie Hudtloff, CPXP, CEC, Patient Experience Manager at IFOH, often asks patients how a music therapy session affected them. “Music therapy can help soothe anxiety, stress, agitation and, in some cases, help with pain management,” she says. 

 A small 2018 Inova research study on music therapy in intensive care unit patients revealed these benefits along with positive effects on patients’ blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and respiration. The report was recently published in the American Journal of Critical Care.

Music to Our Ears

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