Equipment allows for more precise cataract surgery

Laser-facilitated surgery for cataracts provides more accuracy.

Northern Virginia residents who are facing cataract surgery now have new options. Inova Woodburn Surgery Center now offers the LenSx surgical system, which employs more precise femtosecond laser technology to augment cataract removal, correct astigmatism and restore vision lost from cataracts. This proven technology is used around the world, and local ophthalmic surgeons are excited to have it at the center.

“A patient with cataracts has the option to undergo traditional surgery or this laser-facilitated surgery,” comments Mark Falls, MD, Ophthalmology Chair at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus (IFMC). “Depending on the severity of the cataracts and other factors such as astigmatism, we can offer this technology as an adjunct to their planned cataract surgery.”

The LenSx system offers many benefits, including incisions performed by laser instead of a traditional surgical blade, correction of astigmatism, and softening of the natural lens to facilitate removal. The automated guidance of the laser based on the patient’s unique eye structure offers greater precision and accuracy for critical phases of the procedure. The laser portion of the procedure lasts only minutes, and once the cataract is removed, the patient is able to go home shortly afterwards, anticipating a rapid visual recovery.

Currently, Dr. Falls and a handful of surgeons are certified to operate the LenSx system. “We are excited to add this system to our already impressive capabilities,” Dr. Falls says.

Inova Woodburn Surgery Center is conveniently located across from IFMC with easy access from the Beltway via Gallows Road.

Restoring Vision

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