Focus on Inova Fairfax Nurses: Dan Blair, RN, BSN, Pediatrics

photo of nurse Dan Blair

Dan Blair, RN, BSN: 1 year at Inova

A Passion for Kids

Dan Blair, RN, BSN

Dan Blair’s interest in becoming a pediatric nurse began at 19 when he worked for three summers at a camp in Virginia for children with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

“Having the experience with those kids at a summer camp and helping to take the everyday stress and social stigmas that come with having a chronic illness off the kids so they can have a blast at summer camp — that’s so empowering,” says Blair, RN, BSN.

Blair went on to earn his bachelor’s degree from George Mason University and then receive his nursing certification. He joined Inova Fairfax Medical Campus as a pediatric nurse about a year ago. He already has made a positive impact on patients, families and the administration, his colleagues say.

“Dan is so well-received here and the families love him. He takes time with the children; he’s prompt; he never appears flustered. He’s just an advocate all the way around,” says Lynda Mullinix, RN, MSN, Clinical Director of the Pediatric Medical Surgical Unit at Inova Children’s Hospital.

photo of nurse Dan Blair tossing a nerf football with a young patient

“As a new grad coming out of college, it was nice to be paired with preceptors with different perspectives who are amazing at their jobs. I felt like I was set up to be successful from the beginning.”

For Blair, it’s all about helping kids cope with being in the hospital and getting them back to their normal lives as soon as possible. “My favorite part is seeing everyone on staff doing everything they can to make kids feel better and make their families feel better,” Blair says. “The team we have is amazing, and I think the kids continue to bring out the best in all of us.”

Being a pediatric nurse allows him to make a difference in kids’ lives on a daily basis. He has a fond memory of helping a teen work through the difficulty of a diagnosis. “There was this one kid who was in his teenage years and he recently had a new diagnosis,” Blair recalls. “We played chess for about 45 minutes and then chatted a little bit about his diagnosis. After that short period, he was able to calm down and go to sleep. I think I’ve been put in a good position to make a positive impact.”

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