Kidney transplant team provides a seamless care journey

For patients with end-stage renal disease, a kidney transplant offers a ray of hope for renewed health and a return to normal activities. Offering the highest level of expertise and technology, the Inova Transplant Center on the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus combines leading-edge transplant techniques with a caring, compassionate approach.

“What sets Inova apart is the personal touch we have with our patients,” says kidney and pancreas transplant surgeon Eric Siskind, MD.

Staffed by specially trained physicians and nurses, social workers and administrative staff, the center helps each patient navigate every stage of care.

“We provide guidance and education throughout the entire process, whether it’s medical, psycho-social or financial,” says Nikki Gage, RN, Administrative Director for Kidney Transplant.

Commitment to Excellence

To provide seamless experiences for patients receiving kidney transplants, the center is growing its staff and looking to expand its facilities. The center’s goal is to provide a one-stop shop where patients receive guidance throughout the transplant process, including evaluation and listing, living donation or wait-list maintenance, and perioperative and lifelong postoperative care. The center is also expanding its clinical research.

“One of the goals of the expansion is to make our transplant center a comprehensive care facility for all patients with end-stage renal disease and type 1 diabetes,” says Dr. Siskind. “Before, patients were going to multiple clinics, and now all of their surgical and medical needs can be done by us in one location.”

The center is continuously recruiting top medical and administrative talent
to ensure that patients receive world-class care.

“It’s very exciting that we are adding more staff to provide our patients with the highest level of care,” says Gage. “We have a growing patient population, and we want to give our patients the best options for every stage of renal disease.”

Advanced Approach

The Inova Transplant Center is committed to making transplantation as easy as possible every step of the way. For living donors, the team performs all surgeries using minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, resulting in a quicker recovery than traditional open surgery. Dr. Siskind specializes in a leading-edge surgical technique called single incision laparoscopic donor nephrectomy, which can be performed using one small incision.

“This advanced technique is better for the patient because he or she can have less scarring, and can also get up and be able to walk around more the next day and go home sooner,” says Dr. Siskind.

Dr. Siskind enjoys seeing his patients, recipients and donors alike resume their normal active lifestyles. “It’s always great when I hear patients tell me thank you for saving their loved one’s life,” he says.

Here for You

If you have questions about kidney transplantation or Inova’s Living Donor Program, or to schedule a consultation at the Inova Transplant Center, call 703-208-6611 or visit


  1. Glenn on December 19, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Good afternoon,

    I woudl like to obatin information of how to enroll my father for the Kidney Transplant list. I will really appreciate if any one can give me information of where to go or what to do. Thank you

    Happy Holiday

    Glenn Jr

    • InovaNewsroom on January 4, 2018 at 2:30 pm

      Please contact one of our referral coordinators, by emailing Keshia Cardenas or Kelley Jones, or by calling 703-776-6056.

  2. April on April 7, 2018 at 11:31 am

    Good afternoon,

    I’m trying to find a transplant doctor for my friend who has received a transplant, and it’s not working. His kidney is not properly working, and he is back on dialysis at the present time. Is there anyway we can schedule a consultation/

    Thank you.

    • InovaNewsroom on April 12, 2018 at 1:23 pm

      Please contact one of our referral coordinators,,, or by calling 703-776-6056. They can help connect you with a transplant physician for a consultation for your friend.

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