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Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS: Fuel Up

You wouldn’t go on a road trip with an empty tank, so why would you work out without fueling up? Providing your body with the fuel it needs can help you stay energized, build muscle, and speed post-workout recovery. Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS offers performance training and nutrition services for teams and individual athletes.…

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Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS: Devour Life

sliced fresh fruits

Looking for ideas for healthy living habits? Inova Sports Performance powered EXOS experts share ideas on how to incorporate healthier eating into your life.   The first key to successfully devour life is to try new things! There’s nothing wrong with grilled chicken breast, brown rice, and spinach — until you’ve had it for the…

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Recovery: Work Plus Rest Equals Fitness Success

Jeff Coulter, MS, CSCS, is an athletic trainer with a master’s degree in Health Exercise and Sports Science. He is a Performance Specialist with Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS.  If you’re working toward a fitness or athletic goal, you’re probably focused on pushing yourself to the finish line. And that’s great – to a…

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