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Experiencing Back and Leg Pain? It Could Be Spinal Stenosis.

Anje Kim, MD, is board-certified in neurological surgery and fellowship-trained in neurosurgery of the spine. She treats a broad range of spine conditions, from simple to complex. Spinal stenosis: What’s that? Many people have never heard of this condition at all — yet it’s surprisingly common. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons…

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Inova’s Global Neurosurgery Program: Dedicated to Creating the World’s Best Neurosurgical Care

Gail Rosseau, MD, is the associate chairman of the Inova Neuroscience Institute. Dr. Rosseau has extensive experience with a wide range of neurosurgery procedures. She has a particular interest in caring for patients with cranial base disorders. We have a single, ambitious vision for the global neurosurgery program at Inova: Create the best center in…

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We’re No. 1 – Again! Inova Fairfax Hospital named DC’s best for the second year in a row

U.S. News: Inova Fairfax Hospital is Washington metropolitan region’s top hospital (October 2, 2013) For the second year running, Inova Fairfax Hospital has been named the Washington DC region’s number-one top ranked hospital, according to U.S. News & World Report. This year, the hospital was nationally ranked in Gynecology (No. 19) after coming in 23rd…

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Raining Bullets

Traumatic brain injury in times of war, patriotism and sports (June 5, 2012) By Michelle Rabell The thundering of gunfire jolts neurosurgeon Dr. James Ecklund from the shower at his military base in Baghdad. It is a sure sign of an attack. Rushing outside, he sees tracers and small explosions of gunfire lighting the night…

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