Concussion & Youth Sports: New Research Gives Clues for Keeping Athletes Safe

Melissa Womble, PhD, is a fellowship-trained neuropsychologist specializing in sport concussion management. She is director of the Inova Sports Medicine Comprehensive Concussion Program. In the last several years, the science of concussions has come a long way. We’ve discovered a lot about how to recognize, diagnose and manage these serious injuries — but of course,…

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Concussions and Anxiety: What’s the Connection?

R.J. Elbin, PhD, is a research analyst with the Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program. He is also the director of the Office for Sport Concussion Research in the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation at the University of Arkansas. Concussions can cause all sorts of symptoms: Physical problems like headaches and nausea. Cognitive problems that affect…

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Concussion Recovery: When Should You See a Doctor?

When should you or your child see a doctor after a concussion? The answer may surprise you. Melissa Womble, PhD, a neuropsychologist and director of the Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program, helped clear up some concussion confusion. Myth: If you have signs of concussion, you should head straight to the ER. Reality: Not necessarily. If…

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What Should Young Athletes Know About Concussion?


Q and A with Monica Stolze, DPT, ATP, NCS, a physical therapist and Program Manager at Inova Loudoun Outpatient Specialty Rehabilitation Center Concussions have become a hot topic — and for good reason. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that, without proper management, can lead to irreversible damage or even death if a…

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Concussion’s Effect on Vision: Signs to Watch For

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Laura Serine, MS OTR/L ATP is an Occupational Therapist at the Inova Loudoun Hospital Outpatient Specialty Rehabilitation Center and Concussion Clinic. She is trained in vision therapy and often works with patients who demonstrate visual deficits. Understanding Concussion: A Visual Perspective Concussions have become a hot topic – and for good reason. A concussion is…

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Mind Games: Concussions, CTE and Sports

Melissa Womble, PhD, is a neuropsychologist with specialized training in concussion management. She is the director of the Inova Sports Medicine Comprehensive Concussion Center.   The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recently reported on a study that analyzed the brains of deceased former high-school, college and professional football players. In the sample of…

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Concussion Fast Facts: Protecting Your Child from Brain Injury

Board Certified Pediatric Emergency Physician Dr. Ronnie Waldrop, Lennis Klenk, NP and Erin Rovelli, RN, serve patients in the Children’s Emergency Room at Inova Loudoun Hospital – Loudoun County’s only emergency facility solely dedicated to caring for children and adolescents. All parents want to keep their children safe from head to toe – and one important way to…

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Media Advisory: Inova Neuroscience and Spine Institute Concussion Experts

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Media Advisory WHO:             Inova Neuroscience and Spine Institute Concussion Experts WHAT:         Meet Inova concussion experts and learn about: Latest, evidence-based treatment for concussion Current, coordinated concussion assessment for pediatrics and adults Medication currently utilized to treat concussion symptoms Clinical responses from a concussion This will be a reception-type atmosphere where media can meet…

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Soccer Player Brandi Chastain’s Brain Donation Will Advance Research on Brain Injury in Sports

James M. Ecklund, MD, FACS, is board certified in neurological surgery. He is chairman of the Inova Neuroscience & Spine Institute and serves on the National Football League (NFL) Players Association’s Mackey-White Committee, which focuses on player health and well-being. Read Dr. Ecklund’s Profile. Retired professional soccer player Brandi Chastain recently announced that she will…

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