Improved Breast Cancer Care at Inova

breast cancer support

Inova offers new technology to increase ease, speed of mammograms Getting a mammogram is not the most comfortable experience for women. In addition to the anxiety that it can trigger, the screening itself can cause physical discomfort. For these reasons, Inova takes steps to update its technology to provide the best possible experience. Comfortable Equipment:…

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Medical Missions Accomplished

Inova Philippines medical mission

Inova trips to the Philippines yield positive results Here in the United States, we can take access to quality healthcare for granted. In that spirit, Inova medical staff recently completed two mission trips to the Philippines, where healthcare for low-income residents is often inadequate. In 2018 and early 2019, the two teams of Inova specialists…

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Funding for Inova Loudoun Hospital’s Clinical Technicians

clinical technician

Foundation continues support of professional development Inova Loudoun Hospital (ILH) was grateful to be a beneficiary of the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation, which donated $105,000 to support the creation of a Clinical Technician Residency Program. This is a multifaceted professional development pilot program modeled after Inova’s Nursing Residency Program that will provide ILH clinical technicians…

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A Winning Combination for Inova Fair Oaks and Inova Loudoun Hospitals

Inova hospitals win awards

Inova hospitals receive recognition for quality of care Inova Fair Oaks (IFOH) and Inova Loudoun (ILH) hospitals continue to receive national recognition for their care efforts, which reflect, among other measures, that patients feel positively about their experiences and safety is sound. Healthgrades, a leading resource for healthcare information, recently ranked IFOH and ILH among…

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Making Progress on Inova Loudoun Hospital Construction Projects

construction progress

Construction is ongoing for Inova Loudoun Hospital’s (ILH) Master Plan expansion project. Here’s what’s new: Patient Tower: Construction of the 382,000-square-foot tower at ILH is approximately 70% complete. The tower will feature all-private patient rooms; new progressive care, oncology and post-surgical units; a new labor, delivery and postpartum unit with an expanded NICU; hospital and…

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Diagnosing and Treating Fibroids

comtemplative woman

July is National Fibroids Awareness Month While 80% of women experience uterine fibroids by the age of 50, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), many women don’t seek out knowledge or treatment for the issue. Here are some commonly asked questions: What are fibroids? Fibroids are abnormal growths that develop on or in…

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A Solid State of Affairs for Inova Alexandria, Inova Mount Vernon Hospitals

Inova's East Region Breakfast

Breakfast outlines Inova East region’s achievements Inova Alexandria (IAH) and Inova Mount Vernon (IMVH) hospitals recently held the second annual State of Healthcare in Inova’s East Region Breakfast. The event featured a health fair, two panel discussions and a Q&A session, where IAH and IMVH senior leaders and clinical staff engaged and connected with volunteers…

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Personalized Cancer Care for the Community

dedication day at Inova Schar Cancer Institute

Inova Schar Cancer Institute offers the best in clinical and holistic care As Inova Schar Cancer Institute (Inova Schar) has evolved over the years, one idea has remained the same: the patient is at the center of care. Now a state-of-the-art 430,000-square-foot facility, a department of Inova Fairfax Hospital, Inova Schar is the flagship of…

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Forging a New Frontier in Kidney Transplant

holding hands

Inova Fairfax Medical Campus patient takes part in a potentially revolutionary clinical study For about three years, Don Davis, a 58-year-old Deputy Chief Information Officer who lives in Prince William County, had severe kidney problems. This included living with kidney failure — his kidneys functioned at less than 15 percent of normal capacity — for…

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A Tale From the Heart

Illustration of a hand extending a heart to another.

Inova doctor’s inspiring medical story convinces patient to undergo open aortic surgery Raymond Fernandez had already been through extensive treatment for his abdominal aortic aneurysm. To have it repaired, he had undergone minimally invasive endovascular procedures with a specialist twice in the past 10 years. So he was feeling deeply depressed and confused when he…

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