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Media Advisory: Blood Inventory Low in Community, Inova Blood Donor Services Asks for Help

Sterling, VAInova Blood Donor Services supplies the majority of local hospitals in the Washington, DC metro region.  Summertime is tough for the community’s blood supply, because donor turnout can be low due to vacations and activities with friends and family.  Blood products are used daily in hospitals to support patients who are in trauma, actively bleeding, undergoing surgeries, cancer treatment, and a variety of other medical reasons.

When: Friday July 27th


CentreMed Donor Center in Centreville, VA— OPEN 10AM – 6PM
Dulles Donor Center in Sterling, VA— OPEN 6AM-4PM
Woodburn Donor Center in Annandale, VA— OPEN 10AM – 6PM

What:  At Center Locations, donors will receive a $10 Gas Card* as thanks for their donation!!

Walk-ins are welcome but you may also make an appointment at or call 1-866-BLOODSAVES (1-866-256-6372)

Photo ID Required.  Please allow one hour for your blood donation. Donors will need to present a photo ID with their birthdate.

*Donors must complete screening process during the event to receive the thank you giveaway, while supplies last.

Media Contact: Tracy Connell,

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About Inova:

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  1. Jane on July 27, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    How closely are blood/organ donors checked to see if they have resided/lived in Europe AT ANY TIME for a CONTINUOUS 6 MONTH period since 1970? There is a BAN on Donors from this group due to “Mad Cow Disease – a sub-species of Hersfeld-Jakob Syndrome! There is NO TEST! There is NO CURE, and it does not show up in children until they are about 11 years of age!

    I know this will affect millions of donors; however, my husband – and our family – were stationed in England, Germany, Spain, Italy and Turkey between 1975 and 1992.

    I cannot donate blood because of the number of transfusions required since 2006. However, our son went to donate blood on 9/11 at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. When he was asked the question about living in Europe, he said yes. He was told that he could not donate because on the Mad Cow Disease ban. When the Captain behind him heard that, he turned and asked the thousands of men in line if they had been in Europe for over 6 months at a time. The entire line disappeared!! That base is Armored and Artillery – they rotate to Europe on a continuous basis.

    Our son had surgery 4 months ago in Seattle. He was asked if he would like to be an organ donor. When he mentioned living in Europe, the Nurse said not only could he NOT donate blood; he could NOT donate – Heart; Lungs; skin; bone; bone marrow; eyes; any part of his eyes; Liver; Kidneys; and I believe, sperm or eggs!

    Do you realize how many millions of Americans this effects??? Every refugee; every immigrant; every adopted child from any former member of the USSR;; every Military member and their families; State, Defense and all other government Agency employees and families; American students studying abroad; Athletes training abroad; tourists over there for over 6 months, etal.

    Europe covers everything from the North Pole to the Northern Shores of Africa and from the Atlantic Ocean east of Rehobeth Beach, DE, to the Ural Mountains in Russia – more than 1,000 miles East of Moscow!

    My question is important to me as someone who has required many transfusions. It is also important to ANYONE who needs a transplant!

    • InovaNewsroom on August 1, 2018 at 8:05 am

      We understand your frustration. You more than most know the importance of blood donations, they are lifesaving donation. We are required to follow FDA regulations on blood donation. The FDA states, “FDA takes a conservative approach to ensure the safety of the Nation’s blood supply and therefore, issues guidance relating to both known infectious diseases as well as potentially emerging diseases. This conservative approach may result in the deferral of otherwise acceptable donors.” Find more information on the FDA website,

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