No More “Pain in the Neck” (or Back)

Back pain affects more than 26 million Americans and is the main cause for disability among people under 45. Because the spine is integral to just about every activity, unrelieved pain can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life.

At Inova Spine Institute ( at Inova Loudoun Hospital, a team of skilled specialists is here to help individuals suffering from back pain to resume their active lifestyles without the pain.

“What sets Inova Loudoun Hospital apart is our great medical staff, particularly our team of nurses, technicians, physicians and our collegial environment. This provides patients with an outstanding experience,” says Ali Moshirfar, MD, Medical Director of Spine Surgery and Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Inova Loudoun Hospital.

Conservative Path to Spine Care

At Inova Spine Institute, patients are first treated with the least invasive therapies before being considered for surgery.

“Our goal with most patients is to maximize their pain relief and improve their quality of life while being as conservative as possible,” says Dr. Moshirfar (who is also Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital). “With most patients we begin with a course of medication management, typically anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants. We try to minimize the use of narcotic painkillers. Most times, concurrent with medications, we recommend physical therapy, activity modification and a certain amount of rest.”

The team offers a wide array of pain management procedures including epidural injections, trigger point injections, facet injections and radiofrequency ablation to help patients achieve a pain-free lifestyle without surgical intervention.

Surgical Options for Spine and Back Pain

For patients who have maximized conservative treatments and continue to experience pain, or for patients who are experiencing spinal instability, significant nerve compression, neurologic nerve deficits or certain congenital or developmental abnormalities, the medical team offers several surgical procedures including the latest minimally invasive options.

“At Inova Spine Institute, all our surgeons are fellowship-trained, and have demonstrated expertise and good clinical outcomes,” says Dr. Moshirfar. “Patients receive excellent care here.”

Spine and back surgeons at Inova Loudoun Hospital:

  • Ali Moshirfar, MD
  • Angela Santini, MD
  • Ian Wattenmaker, MD

Neurosurgeons at Inova Loudoun Hospital:

  • Jae Lim, MD
  • Nilesh Vyas, MD

See our list of Inova Spine Institute spine and back doctors for more information about physicians at Inova Loudoun Hospital (and at Inova’s other locations in Northern Virginia).

What’s Your Back Pain level?

To request an assessment from an experienced spine care specialist, call 703.391.3667.

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