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Inova Loudoun Hospital: Expanding to Serve the Community

Future plans promise more healthcare options

Inova Loudoun Hospital: Expanding to Serve the Community

Since 1912, Loudoun County has continued to experience an ever-growing population, and since its inception Loudoun Hospital has expanded to keep pace. The needs of the community in the 1990s prompted a significant gift of land that enabled the hospital to plan a state-of-the-art hospital to serve the increasing number of patients. In 1997, a mood of excitement tinged with reluctance accompanied the move from the beloved Cornwall Street site to the new Lansdowne Campus.

The move to Lansdowne brought private rooms, a new Birthing Inn and Women’s Center, and expanded surgical and diagnostic services.

In 2005, Loudoun Hospital Center merged with Inova Health System. This new partnership brought much-needed financial stability to support continued growth and expansion of facilities and services throughout the county — ensuring access to quality care close to home.

Today, Inova Loudoun Hospital is at another turning point that requires significant expansion. Here’s what’s in the works for this year and beyond, when our two-pronged master plan begins.

What’s Happening in 2014?

  • New Observation Unit with 14 beds for those patients who require a period of observation but do not need the length or level of services of an inpatient setting
  • Three new and larger operating rooms plus additional supply and support areas
  • New Endoscopy Unit
  • The Natural Birth Center
  • Construction of the Ashburn HealthPlex containing a new Emergency Department, imaging center and support space (2015 completion)

Master Plan

These projects will help Inova Loudoun Hospital move into our master plan that extends through 2020 and beyond.

Phase I.   The first part of the master plan will provide the foundation for bigger campus changes. It will include a new main hospital entrance and road access, and staff parking lot.

Phase II.  The second part of the master plan extending to and beyond 2020 will include additional and enhanced services such as:

  • new eight-floor bed tower that will contain all private rooms
  • outpatient services, imaging and hospital support, 24 post-surgical beds
  • future Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • 32 telemetry and future step-down beds
  • new OB unit and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and neonatal capabilities



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