Epilepsy patients receive tailored treatment and monitoring at Inova Alexandria Hospital

A Higher Level of Epilepsy Care

When talking about epilepsy, every patient is unique in terms of medication need, seizure control and treatment plan. That’s why Inova Alexandria Hospital makes sure that care is tailored, every step of the way.

“Treating epilepsy requires a multidisciplinary approach,” says Lewis Eberly, MD, Medical Director of Neuroscience at IAH. “Because we’re a level 3 epilepsy center, we have the resources we need to ensure that patients benefit from teamwork and ongoing monitoring.”

The National Association of Epilepsy Centers has established four care levels, with the highest being levels 3 and 4. More surgical options are available at level 4, but level 3 is often considered equally comprehensive. Medical teams involved at level 3 include neurologists, nurse specialists, EEG technologists, social workers and others with training and care in epilepsy issues.

Those professionals come together at Inova Alexandria to come up with treatment plans that are customized to each patient. That might include surgery such as a vagus nerve stimulation procedure, or a combination of medications. Equally important are services that help patients adjust to living with epilepsy.

“There are psychological and emotional factors, and that can be a big part of managing your condition,” Dr. Eberly says. That’s why professionals who specialize in those issues are part of the epilepsy team.

Another crucial component, Dr. Eberly adds, is the capability to monitor each patient’s progress. EEG technologists look at seizure frequency and severity, and patient treatment plans are reviewed regularly to make sure they are on track. The level of care ensures quicker responses if a medication change or surgical intervention is required.

“Monitoring is just as vital as treatment,” says Dr. Eberly. “We want patients to feel like they’re supported every step of the way.”

Features of an Level 3 Epilepsy Center

  • Range of medical, neuropsychological and psychosocial services
  • Neurodiagnostic evaluations
  • Noninvasive evaluation for epilepsy surgery
  • Certain types of epilepsy surgery, such as implantation of the vagus nerve stimulator


Tailored Treatment for Epilepsy in Alexandria

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