Inova Plays Ball to Benefit Northern Virginia Community

Sandy Spring Bank Foundation partners with Inova Sports Medicine to help children be active

Assisted by a generous contribution from the Sandy Spring Bank Foundation, Inova Sports Medicine Institute (ISMI), in conjunction with EXOS, created a Sports Performance Program for underprivileged children and students in Northern Virginia in the summer of 2018. Sandy Spring Bank donated $50,000 to help cover the costs of allowing children to participate in organized sports, including education and concussion testing for those children who needed it.

With the creation of this program, ISMI provided 50 underprivileged children attending local sports camps education, sound practices and sports-based games. The twice-weekly program included knowledge from ISMI’s performance dietitian, helping kids better understand how to eat and stay healthy.

ISMI plans to use other funds to provide baseline concussion testing for 250 children who weren’t able to participate, as well as consultations and follow-ups for 100 children who get diagnosed with concussion injuries.

Thanks to EXOS and the Sandy Spring Bank Foundation, ISMI hopes to continue helping and providing services to Northern Virginia communities in the not-so-distant future.

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