COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout at Inova: 35k Doses Given So Far

Inova has vaccinated 35,000-plus Northern Virginia healthcare workers, first responders, teachers and other eligible populations as of January 14, due in no small part to dedicated teams of specialists working in concert to move vaccine recipients through the process smoothly.

Originally aiming to vaccinate somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 per day, the Inova clinic has been able to double that capacity and aims to continue.

According to Michelle Vassallo, Inova’s VP of Nursing for Clinical Platforms, the effort combines medical professionals with logistics and process experts, some of whom are prior military, “who have really thought about soup-to-nuts and how do we make the most lean process that we can.”

In a press conference, Governor Ralph Northam acknowledged Inova’s efforts while also noting that the state of Virginia needs to work faster to ramp up COVID vaccination efforts.

Please note: Eligible individuals who are NOT Inova team members are still required to schedule an appointment in advance. Please follow the guidance from your local health district or employer if you are a member of an eligible 1b group.

WJLA: Inova surpasses vaccine distribution expectations with 35k doses administered

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