A 44-year-old husband and father, Titou Phommachanh of Manassas, was able to reunite with his family after spending three weeks in the ICU at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

video of man leaving hospital in wheelchair

Having been close to death as he struggled with complications of COVID-19, Phommachanh is now home with his three kids and his wife, who calls his recovery “nothing short of a miracle.” For seven days, Phommachanh received life-saving assistance from ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) treatment at Inova, which involves a lung-bypass machine to treat severe cardiac or respiratory failure.

Among the many healthcare heroes in this case were Erik C. Osborn, MD, who serves as medical director of Inova’s adult ECMO program, and cardiovascular nurse Lauren Resch, RN. As Dr. Osborn explained to ABC7 reporter Victoria Sanchez,”You have to understand…it’s literally hundreds of people that went into him being able to survive and walk out of this hospital.”

When Ms. Sanchez asked, “How close was he to death?” Dr. Osborn replied “Very close, very close.”

Watch the video and read the interview WJLA.com.

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