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Stroke victim rescued: 3-year-old saves father’s life via FaceTime

video still of a mom talking to her young daughter

Thank you to David Culver and the team at NBC Washington for sharing this amazing story.

Using her father’s smartphone, 3-year old Molly McCabe was able to call her mother at work to report that her father seemed sick. By showing her mother where Daddy was on Facetime, mom was able to ascertain that her husband was having a stroke, and call for emergency assistance.

27-year-old Trevor McCabe was taken to a local hospital, then airlifted to Inova Fairfax Hospital.

The crucial factor that kept him alive initially was a quick medical response time. In the long run, another crucial factor that will help to keep him alive and less prone to stroke is a cardiology intervention by Inova’s Dr. Jim Thompson – the one cardiologist in the country trained to fix the hole in Trevor’s heart using a newly approved procedure.

According to the doctor, Trevor is recovering very well. “We just need to close this hole to make sure he doesn’t have another stroke.”

Since Trevor and his wife, Devon, must stay focused on Trevor’s healing and recovery, they are not able to work – but a gofundme campaign has been a success due to the inspiring story of Trevor’s rescue and his daughter Molly’s courage and bravery.

See the story as reported on NBC-4 Washington

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