Antibody Infusions May Speed Recovery from COVID-19

As reported by Julie Carey for NBC-4 Washington, when Inova ER physician Dr. Chris Sponaugle contracted COVID-19, he also became a patient – at one of Inova’s monoclonal antibody infusion clinics, which opened in mid-December at three Northern Virgnia locations.

Sponaugle did not experience negative side effects and was happy to receive the treatment, which he believes are helping recipients avoid a hospital stay.

“This kind of gets your immune system jumpstarted so right in the beginning of illness, before your immune system has a chance to work, these antibodies start to work and allow your immune system to better control the disease,” said Inova’s John Paul Verderese, MD.

Who is Eligible for COVID-19 Antibody Treatment?

Not everyone is a candidate. Patients must be at high risk to develop severe COVID-19, have symptoms and be within 10 days of the onset of the illness.

Learn more about the Inova Extended COVID-19 Care Clinics

Inova’s Extended COVID-19 Care Clinics have been launched to help our patients recover safely at home, access outpatient intravenous therapies such as monoclonal antibody treatment when available, and/or receive supportive care in an ambulatory setting as an alternative to an emergency room visit or hospitalization.

The clinics are accepting referrals for patients from all Inova Emergency Rooms, Inova Urgent Care Centers, Inova Primary Care Offices, as well as community practices.

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