Shopping for Safe Skincare Products

Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs much of what we put on it. But how many of us really know what’s in the skincare products we use? Many ingredients are questionable at best, and downright harmful at worst. For example, did you know that mineral oil is a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum? The World Health Organization classifies mineral oil as a carcinogen. Yet, the substance is widely used in the cosmetics industry.

Choosing a Safe Beauty Product

Safe skincare and makeup products are a good bet for all of us. They are gentler to our skin, better for our health and kinder to the environment.

Here are some tips for selecting a safe and effective skincare or makeup brand:

  • Look for products labeled “non-toxic”
  • Look for natural products, which tend to be milder on the skin
  • Avoid common ingredients that have been linked to cancer and other diseases, including polyethylene glycols (PEG), polysorbates, triclosans (TCS) and diethanolamine (DEA)
  • Oncology patients with estrogen-receptive cancers should also avoid parabens, beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) and phthalates

The Food and Drug Administration offers more guidelines – or check out the popular app Think Dirty. Shop Clean to find out exactly what’s in your beauty products.

Inova Medical Spa’s Sensitive Skin Solution

Inova Medical Spa at Schar Cancer Institute offers Jane Iredale cosmetics. This skincare makeup is specially formulated for anyone with sensitive skin, which makes it a great product for expectant mothers, cancer patients and people with common skin conditions, such as rosacea or dermatitis. It includes the good stuff, such as broad-spectrum sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients, but leaves out the bad stuff, including synthetic fillers, talc, nylon, cornstarch, petroleum and parabens. And, the company never tests on animals. Come in for a consultation today.

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