Comfort-Oriented Touch Therapies

Cancer treatment is taxing on the body and the spirit. There may be days when you do not want to be touched – but, there will be times when compassionate touch is needed. Oncology massage provides comfort-oriented massage or touch in an effort to soothe, nurture and piece the body together.

All people living with cancer or recovering from its treatment – regardless of the severity of their condition – can receive some form of comfort-oriented therapy. (Some comfort and touch therapies, whose application may depend on a patient’s individual needs, include Swedish massage, Reiki and fascial release techniques.)

photo of a woman receiving a back massageBody work during treatment and recovery is undemanding, supportive and soothing. Regularly scheduled, ongoing massage sessions can be part of improving function through range of motion techniques or scar release, or to re-establish body image. Here’s what you can expect:

How can I prepare for a massage while in cancer treatment?

First, you should talk to your doctor. Oncology trained massage therapists know how to adjust treatments and modalities to your unique needs – but, your doctor knows the side effects of your current treatment plan. If you are in active treatment, most therapists will request a release form from your doctor. This ensures that your doctor agrees with you receiving massage. It also gives him/her an opportunity to share specific information with the therapist.

On your first visit, please allow extra time for your intake. Your therapist will want the opportunity to learn about specific concerns and your current treatment program. Depending on the duration of your service, your therapist can either perform a full body treatment to promote relaxation or he/she can focus on specific areas of concern.

After your intake, the therapist will step out of the room to allow you to disrobe to your level of comfort and get settled on the massage table. Once your therapist returns, your service will begin. The service will always be customized to your preference. For example, some days you might want a bit less pressure or for an area to be avoided. Your therapist will always incorporate your requests to optimize the benefits of the service. The key to safety and comfort of our clients is in the adjustment of pressure, length of session, positioning and avoidance of affected areas of the body.

Oncology massage in Northern Virginia

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