Recovery: Work Plus Rest Equals Fitness Success

Jeff Coulter, MS, CSCS, is an athletic trainer with a master’s degree in Health Exercise and Sports Science. He is a Performance Specialist with Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS. 

If you’re working toward a fitness or athletic goal, you’re probably focused on pushing yourself to the finish line. And that’s great – to a point. While training is a necessary step toward achieving your goals, your body can’t perform at its best if you don’t give it a chance to rest and recover.

At Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS, we take a comprehensive approach to help athletes reach their goals. Our four-part program incorporates Mindset, Movement and Nutrition, as well as Recovery.

When we talk about athletes, we’re describing anyone who wants to reach a fitness goal, including teen athletes, professional sports players and everyone in between – including those who have never exercised regularly, but are committed to developing a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Whatever your background or your performance goals, work plus rest equals success.

Physical and Mental Recovery

Most athletes know they should stretch after a workout. But too often, they haven’t been fully educated on the right ways to let their bodies recover and regenerate.

Recovery can mean a variety of things. We build rest time into daily workouts, such as science-based stretching that complements more strenuous activity. We also build in recovery days. Those days vary from person to person and week to week. Sometimes we encourage active recovery, such as a gentle bike ride or a hike. Other days recovery might involve a massage or hydrotherapy.

We recognize that mental recovery is important, too. So in addition to helping athletes rest their muscles, we provide advice and strategies for improving sleep, reducing stress and staying calm during competition.

Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS is so much more than your average personal training program. By partnering with Inova Sports Medicine, we coordinate care with physical therapists, sports medicine experts and orthopaedic surgeons. And by building Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Recovery into a plan for each of our athletes, we help them reach the next level of performance.

Learn more about Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS, and contact us to schedule a complimentary assessment. Also check out the other posts in this series, exploring how EXOS helps you make the most of Mindset, Movement and Nutrition!

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