Nutrition: Fuel Your Body to Meet Your Performance Goals

Julia Bell, MS, RD, LDN, is a registered dietitian and holds a master’s degree in public health nutrition. She serves as Performance Dietitian for Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS. 


You wouldn’t pump cheap gas into a luxury car. So why aren’t you putting premium fuel into your most important engine – your body?

When it comes to meeting your athletic and performance goals, you know proper nutrition is important. But even if you make a point to eat well, it can be complicated to figure out the right balance of nutrition for your body.

Good news: Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS can help. Nutrition is one of four pillars of our performance program, along with Mindset, Movement and Recovery.

By focusing on all four facets, we can help anyone reach their fitness and performance goals, from youth to elite athletes and adults looking to get in shape.

Our program provides personalized nutrition advice for everyone we work with. With the right fueling approach, you can reach your goals.

Fuel to Thrive

In partnership with Inova Sports Medicine, our program coordinates care from orthopaedic and sports medicine specialists with personalized fitness training, physical therapy and – my favorite topic – nutrition.

Many of my clients are falling just shy of their goals, whether on the scale or on the playing field. Better nutrition can be the missing piece that helps them see results. For instance, I recently worked with a woman who had been lifting weights for years but still was not looking or feeling the way she wanted to. We discussed her diet and I realized she wasn’t eating enough. Together we developed a new meal plan to give her body the fuel it needed to thrive. Those changes led to a decrease in body fat, two inches lost around her hips and a serious boost in energy, all while eating more.

Building a Nutrition Strategy

During the first week with Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS, you’ll receive a detailed nutrition consultation. During the meeting, we’ll discuss your habits, potential nutrient deficiencies, diet history and dietary patterns, as well as your plans and goals. We also measure your body composition, since muscle mass is often a better indicator of success than the numbers on the scale.

Then, I’ll create a nutrition strategy and teach you to use a meal builder tool. I’ll follow up with you regularly – sometimes in formal scheduled meetings, and other times when I pop into the weight room to see how your workout is going. But I’ll also equip you with the education and motivation necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices on your own.

I also like to check in with the strength coaches to see how our participants are doing and whether they have the energy to reach their performance goals. I believe that team approach is what sets us apart from other fitness programs. My colleagues and I work together to make sure you have all the pieces you need to reach your performance goals.

Learn more about Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS or contact us to schedule a complimentary assessment to determine whether EXOS is right for you. And look for our other posts in this series about how EXOS incorporates Mindset, Movement and Recovery!

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