LaKita Ford, MBA, is the asset manager for Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS. She has a bachelor’s degree in athletic training, a master’s degree in sport business and two fitness certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association. 


We all know how important diet and exercise are to athletes and other active adults. But athletic performance needs more than a strong body. Being at the top of your game also requires the right state of mind.

That’s why Mindset is a cornerstone of our training and nutrition program, along with Movement, Nutrition and Recovery. That program, Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS, is designed to help anyone reach their fitness and athletic goals, whether you’re aiming to finish your first 5K or get drafted into the NBA.

Curious how Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS can improve your performance and fitness? Mindset is step one.

The EXOS Approach

EXOS started nearly 20 years ago as a performance program for elite athletes. Over the years, it expanded to offer that same expert fitness and nutrition support to people from all walks of life, from military members to employees of major corporations.

Now, Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS makes it possible for anyone to take advantage of the program (even if you’re not an Olympic runner or a Google executive). And since we’ve partnered with Inova Sports Medicine, it’s easier than ever to coordinate nutrition services, fitness training, physical therapy and care from orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists.

Our program is 100 percent customizable. All our clients receive personalized fitness training and nutrition guidance, but you can choose whether training takes place at our Ashburn, VA, location, at your home or gym, or a combination. We can also incorporate services like rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports psychology.

Getting in the Right Frame of Mind

The fitness journey begins with your Mindset:

  1. Figure out where you are. Whether you’re a high-school athlete, a pro football player or a senior recovering from knee surgery, it starts by being clear and honest about your starting point.
  2. Set realistic goals. Reaching your fitness goals is a lifestyle change. It won’t work if you don’t set obtainable goals.
  3. Build an action plan. Your plan might include regular sessions with our fitness specialists, or it might rely on mobile apps you can use at home. We help you design a plan that works for you.
  4. Commit to the process. We make sure you understand your goals, your plan, and how much time and energy it will take to get there. That way, you can decide if you’re ready to dive in.

Meeting You Where You Are

One of my recent clients is a middle school athlete who is recovering from a concussion. We’re helping him stay in shape as he heals from that brain injury, in coordination with doctors at the Inova Concussion Management Program. Another client is an NFL free agent who is recovering from injury.

For these two clients, Mindset looks totally different. The NFL player is totally focused on returning to the field. For our youth athlete, it’s about taking the first step back to normal. Our programs are structured to meet individuals where they are – and help them achieve their goals.

Learn more about Inova Sports Performance powered by EXOS or contact us to schedule a complimentary assessment to determine whether EXOS is right for you. And stay tuned for upcoming posts exploring how EXOS helps you make the most of Movement, Nutrition and Recovery!


  1. Pamela on January 2, 2018 at 9:59 am

    Confirmation for me, I started my fitness journey last night in my home…. My road to 50th this year….. I’m so proud of my daughter Lakita D. Ford

  2. Chenel on January 2, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Awesome Job Lakita Ford I’m so proud of you…. Throughout your life you have Always shown great Leadership as well as Endurance. One of the best to ever play the game of basketball hands down. Continue to strive for Excellence. I’m always rooting for you Love you From Ms Cha-Cha thr funniest Lady you know.

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