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Inova OnDemand Brings You Virtual Healthcare, Anywhere

Z Chris, MD

Ruth Betru is Inova’s assistant vice president of Direct-to-Consumer Healthcare.

Z Chris, MD, is a primary care physician board certified in internal medicine. He is the medical director for virtual health at Inova. Read Dr. Chris’s profile.

Make an appointment. Take time out of your workday. Battle the D.C. Metro traffic. Find parking – all before you even set foot in the doctor’s office.

We understand that seeing a doctor for common medical conditions can be a hassle. Now, Inova is making that process a lot more convenient with Inova OnDemand.

The new service offers video visits with board-certified doctors, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our patients’ time is valuable. That’s why we’re excited to launch Inova OnDemand to make doctor’s appointments easier than ever.

Convenient Care for Common Conditions

Inova OnDemand services are available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer. The service connects patients with experienced doctors who can diagnose and treat common problems with a short video consultation. The doctors can even write prescriptions as needed.

OnDemand isn’t designed to replace emergency visits or face-to-face care for serious problems. But the service is ideal for diagnosing and treating routine conditions such as rashes, headaches, stomachaches and respiratory infections, in patients age 6 and up.

In some cases, our OnDemand doctors might refer you to the office for further tests or consultations. But frequently, these routine problems can be treated with a single virtual visit.

To provide this service, Inova is partnering with American Well, a national leader in virtual health services. Using Inova OnDemand will cost a flat fee of $49 per visit. Some insurance companies may reimburse that fee. And patients with a health savings account (HSA) can use it to pay for Inova OnDemand.

Responding to Patients

It’s easy to put off seeing a doctor for minor complaints in hopes that the symptoms go away on their own. Unfortunately, if left untreated, minor concerns can sometimes turn into bigger problems. We hope that by making care easier to access, our patients will address medical concerns sooner rather than later.

As we get this new service off the ground, we’re focusing on providing care for routine problems. But we’re already thinking about ways we might expand the service to better care for patients.

For instance, we might be able to use video services to replace in-office follow-ups after medical procedures. Eventually, we hope to use digital appointments to help patients and their doctors manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and some psychiatric illnesses.

Those types of services are still in the planning stages. But as we learn more about how our patients use Inova OnDemand, we’ll design a service that will make medical care as convenient as possible for our patients.

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